yoyoskeel Stalker. 1st malaysia yoyo made by Shakeel

For sure many people already saw this yoyo from different forums, Yoyo news sites and Facebook.

Yoyoskeel is a new yoyo company that produce a high-end yoyo for yoyo enthusiast.

This is designed by my friend in malaysia Shakeel Rose which the owner of this new Yoyo.

The Shape it self is very unique and the pupil style in middle give more coolness to this yoyo.

And proud to announce that Kitty String will be the official String for Yoyoskeel. :)

really Give my gratitude to my friend Shakeel for trusting and supporting our producet..

Im very happy also for being part of his project..

Really excited for the release of this yoyo Stalker.. :)

for more info please visit there site by clicking the links at the side of this Site..

hope you will get this yoyo before it will sold out in stores