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Kitty String

CRUCIAL is now offical Kitty String carrier

                             We are very proud to announce that CRUCIAL is officially part of Kitty String carrier. 

                   Special Thanks to Paul Yath the owner of CRUCIAL for choosing Kitty String as their main string.


Kitty String Cutter

Kitty String Cutter will release be release soon at selected YoyoStore.

This is collaborated with YoYoMafia and it comes with dogtag chain that you could 
hang to your neck or make it as keychain to your yoyo holder.

We will be giving away freebie of this to Yoyobestbuy and Yoyoexpert.

For more news and update just visit our facebook page at

SpinGear restock

Hello guys..

SpinGear just restock bunch of Kitty String before the year ends.

They got most of the colors and alot of choices to combine it with your favorite yoyos.

They have also the exclusive Spin Gear Kitty String at there store.

You could check out there site or just visit Spin Gear Akiba store in Japan.

Very 1st Kitty String

Very 1st Kitty String... Saw this from Taka's twitter. This is sooooo Rare hahaha :))


First package KittyString. One in 2008. And feel different now. (As opposed to aging). Ease of use has now been working to improve the quality of the results incorporated into the player's needs and preferences.